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Spice Girl Products

Spice Girl Products was founded in April 2010 by  Sheryl Muir and her girls Tonya-Lee and Maritza as her support team. Passionate about developing healthy and natural foods for the entire family, Sheryl started producing Vegetable Pickles, Natural Vanilla Extract and Chocolate tea balls as some of Spice Girl's first products.

In July 2010, a variety of Spice Girl’s products were made available in most Local Supermarket outlets throughout Jamaica. The products can also be found in health food stores, airport inbond and other speciality shops.

At Spice Girl’s our primary objective is ensuring: Customer Satisfaction. This is why we pay very special attention to the following:

  • Procuring the freshest natural products: Our vegetable and fruit pickles are made from specially selected fruits and vegetables grown by our local farmers who take pride in ensuring that only the best quality produce are prepared for Spice Girl’s products.
  • Vanilla beans from selected stock: Grown at our family owned Vanillary in Jamaica is the” Supreme” vanilla bean. Diligence and care is taken in the pollination, caring and curing of the beans to ensure the quality as we do our best to bring out the original flavours of the ingredients in our all natural Vanilla extract.
  • Cocoa Pods: Our Old time chocolate tea is a favourite with our customers who keep them moving off the shelves and keep us busy through frequent restocking. We take the extra step to ensure the production process from cocoa pods, to chocolate balls are meticulously observed to guarantee the best quality products are available to our customers.
  • Natural Vanilla Tea Blends: The blend of natural herbs and leaves with selected ground vanilla beans ensure a healthy and very tasty tea packaged in sachets as tea bags .The variety of vanilla blends is very wide and specially formulated for the tea drinker with a desire for a pleasant taste experience.
  • Natural processing: At Spice Girl we know that, minimum processing maximises the nutritional value and taste. We believe the more food is processed the more it loses its nutritional value and that the best way to ensure a quality final product is by natural processing.
  • Highest quality in production: At Spice Girl all our products are tested, approved and certified by the Bureau of Standards of Jamaica.  With regular inspection of our facilities and certification of all handlers, we take all measures possible to produce a high quality product under strict hygienic conditions and adhere to best practices in food handling process.
  • At Spice Girl we are delighted by the fact that not only are our products enjoyed by people with special dietary needs but they are also popular with other people who enjoy eating quality food. Welcome to Spice Girl world where our food is nutritious, tasty and healthy.  We look forward to receiving your valued order